Zoyg is available, Neurolinguistics, Music and stuff

Zoyg is available, Neurolinguistics, Music and stuff

Marmite Defontes newsletter #10

Good day folks!

Last time I published a newsletter was December 2023. So I guess “Happy 2024” still applied. January was busy enough to keep me away from this publication. But I’m back. Enjoy this new edition starting with the menu and a new published font!

The menu

  1. Zoyg: New Font Available
  2. Do Languages Shape Thoughts?
  3. Hello Ghost
  4. Miscellaneous Links
  5. Music break with OMA

Zoyg: New Font Available

Introducing the Zoyg Font Family

This display typeface besides being weird and playful is also very versatile. Obviously, I won’t recommend using it for long paragraphs. But, for logos and visual identities, packaging, events, merchandising, editorial work, illustrations or large titles: it is a match. You also have plenty of characters to play with like alternative glyphs, large Latin language coverage and a collection of bulky punctuation marks (that you can turn on and off as a stylistic set).

The Name

I borrowed the name Zoyg watching the talk “You Think You Have Ideas But Ideas Have You” by Dan Kieran. I discovered Dan’s work reading his book “Do Start - How to create and run a business (that doesn't run you)”. In his talk, Dan explains the connection he sees between understanding the world and our use of languages and concepts. You’ll see with the video I’m referencing next, there is a logical train of thoughts. But I’m getting off course… In German, the first meaning of “Zeug” is a thing, stuff or a piece. I think it suits very well the design of Zoyg. And as this typeface is fun to use and brings a playful look to some graphic works, I’m glad it’s connected this way to the word “Spielzeug” (toy, play piece literally).

The Family

For now, Zoyg is a single-style typeface, aka Zoyg 55. I’ll be working on making it a full family with 12 upright styles and their 12 slanted counterparts. If you purchase Zoyg now, you are eligible for a 75% discount when the full family is released.

Don’t forget you can test my fonts online and get trial versions 🤓

Do Languages Shape Thoughts?

Short answer: they do. We might have had the intuition that the languages we use are influencing our understanding of the world and our perception of others and their contexts. Professor Lera Boroditsky studies the (neuro)science underpinnings this hypothesis, amongst other labs across the world. Fascinating topics and precise examples from recent field research to historical dynamics. Themes like colours, genders, perception of time and space, mental models, etc.

Based on your available time and level interest of curiosity (or prior knowledge):

I got this long video from the 273rd edition of the Dense Discovery newsletter. Kai got this link from Swiss Miss. Serendipity at work.

Hello Ghost 👋 👻

I’ve moved the newsletter from Substack to Ghost in December. The migration was very smooth and the support team was super nice and helpful. I’ve been following Ghost first steps and evolution from the beginning and I am very happy to use their services from now on.

The paid subscription of off and I’ll probably keep it that way in the future. I’ll tell you more about other options I’m considering it in the coming months.

1️⃣ The Follow-up Podcast Now Free to All
The podcast on branding by Under Consideration is now fully accessible. Catch up on insightful conversations over the last 77 episodes.

2️⃣ Centre Pompidou X MuMo, a travelling pocket museum
Very sweet design and production for this collaboration between Hérault Arnod Architectures and the Centre Pompidou. When the museum comes to you. Via the

3️⃣ On Fighting the Typatriarchy
A conversation between Alison Place & Aasawari Kulkarni about feminism and the notion of gender stereotypes in the type industry. Via The League of Moveable Type newsletter.

4️⃣ Hello Type Friends podcast feat. Francis Chouquet
Go and listen to the conversation my friend Francis had with Eliot Jay Stocks about rituals, routine and one’s creative journey. The other episodes are great, of course.

Music break with OMA

I discovered OMA probably 2 months ago. Listening to videos about MF Doom, sampling or music production helped the YouTube algorithms to push me a couple of their videos. The band from Manchester does many Hip-Hop instrumental covers. Guitar, bass, drums and a keyboard. Very tight, groovy and atmospheric. Ideal for work if you need to focus but don’t need a rush of energy.

I’ve picked one of their concerts recorded in Geneva last November. Please enjoy “The ULTIMATE Hip-Hop Instrumental Concert” at Soulitude Festival, about 55 minutes of groovy beats.

Yes, their album is titled “Bread and Butter”, Marmite Defontes state of mind 🥖 🧈

Talk to you soon,


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