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Welcome to the only official and friendly newsletter of Marmite Defontes. This publication contains nuggets of font releases, work in progress, updates or every items I find relevant to the ongoing story of this digital type foundry project. Enjoy!


Marmite Defontes in a nutshell

It is my digital type foundry project. The place where I showcase and sell the fonts I’m creating.

Foundry website is this way →

You can also join me on:
→ Instagram

What to expect in this newsletter

I’m sharing a bunch of things including but not limited to:

  • Coming fonts previews and sneak peaks
  • Stories and design details behind each family
  • Access to beta versions
  • New releases information
  • Updates on existing fonts
  • Swags (you know, items for the cool kids to help me promote the foundry)

How often is it published?

The general rule is “served when it’s ready”. I want to publish at least once a month, but might post stuff more frequently.

What, paid content?

Right. That’s a test. I’m trying out this opportunity. See if people are willing to financially support part of this project and the related work. This is also a way for me to stay accountable.

If you need to contact me: marmite.defontes[at]



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